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Three's a charm!
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Added 5/31/2006
This is one of my all time favorite moments out of all the Ranma canon. (Seven seasons, OVAs, and two movies!) *__*

Second movie, Ranma and Akane are falling through the air inside a cave in a mountain, falling towards a spring of water that will permanently change a person into a male.
Just what Ranma's been looking for!
Akane is with him!
So Ranma was about to blast the waters away so that Akane wouldn't be changed into a boy. He's willing to sacrifice his chace to be all male again, to keep Akane safe from that fate.
Akane stops him (see her holding his right arm back?), trying to convince him that it's okay, she wants him to finally be "cured". He's that important to her.
Amazing to us all, is that the distance they have to fall is just right for them to have this incredibly long conversation and get it all hashed out, with Akane telling Ranma she loves him just the way he is, and Ranma half blurting out that he loves Akane the way she is.
Yet another wonderful Ranma moment for me to get all goofy about, and thanks once again to my best Ranma Buddy, and one of the nicest guys I've ever had the pleasure to get to know: JWR.

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