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Ayashi no Ceres

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Toya sandwich
Source: TV
Layers: 1
Sketches: 3
Cel Number: c 161 A1Tome
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Book Cel
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Added 7/30/2004
Updated 5/13/2006
My first affordable Toya! Also my FIRST Toya.

Ep 15: Toya's Past
Here Toya has forgotten all about Aya and the last year, but has memories of this girl beside him (Miori). He doesn't remember much about Mikage other than the name, so when Wei catches up to him, Toya begs to be taken to Mikage! He's getting his head stuffed with crap here... (marshmallow sandwich?)

Side note: this is also the background, and came with the foreground and layouts, for another scene about a minute later with just Miori and Mikage having a heated discussion.

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