Aernath's Heartthrobs
Samurai Deeper Kyo

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Did you hear it too...? Bwahahaha!
I'm a sucker for "mostly evil with a tiny spark of good".

I finally got lucky again, and snapped up a few Kyo sketches! ^____^ I had saved some of the seller's original scans so, put them in the sketch slots, to give you a break from the awful photos.

 Classic Kyo

 Kyo laugh?

 The goods!

 A good try

 Gotta love the smirk

 You dare disturb me?

 Sneaking up on KYO?!



 Just a face

 Full shot correction

 Just a breeze

 This is how it's done



 My red valentiine! (had to buy my own dontchaknow)

 Kyo sneer

 I eat little sh*ts like you for breakfast!

 Bishie Benitora


 Snarky Kyo!

 My Schwarts is bigger...

 Bish Snark!

 Strong profile

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