Aernath's Heartthrobs

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I haven't finished reading this series, but it is SOOO good, you gotta run right out and get it!

Shuri, the Red King, is one of four brothers (different colors each), battling each other for control of an apocolyptic (sp?) future Japan (nothing new). Sarasa, is the "Child of Destiny", taking her brother's place as the "Boy of Destiny"(because the kings got wind of this and killed him - so much for destiny) to lead the oppressed people to freedom and the good life.
Okay, so Shuri and Sarasa are mortal enemies by day, but they meet up in hot springs without knowing each other by their "official" personas. ...and they fall in love...

Come on, it's a GREAT story! It has some light humor here and there. (Great cucumber joke in the first book). There's always something going on.

Well, I LOVE it! I'm hooked!

Oh yeah, Shuri is a major heartthrob!

 Shuri smiles!

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