Aernath's Heartthrobs
Eight Clouds Rising or Yakumo Tatsu

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A great little movie. Nanachi has a sword that has been passed down through his family, and he comes to a shrine of the sword god to have it blessed. There he meets Kuraki, the next in line to be the heir of the shrine.

I wish it went on. The plot has an original set of seven swords, of which Kuraki has the only one left. Of course until Nanachi shows up with another.

The last five cels here just happen to also be my favorite four from this show.

 Make them go away!

 Get lost! me nen...

 Kuraki, mild mannered high school student...

 Is this a sword I see before me?

 swinging away...

 dodging raindrops

 You wouldn't like me when I'm angry...

 just a hint of mania

 on the run again

 still running against the wind

 ...going over the edge...


 Killing glare!

 Yes, another Kuraki.

 The final blow!

 The Shaman

 Kuraki once more

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