Aernath's Heartthrobs
Ranma 1/2 OP and ED

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My Ranma was getting a bit bulky, so I put him on a diet, and split out the opening and ending cels.

And just for fun, I added a scan of the backside (oooo, Ranma's backside!) of Seafoam B10. (Because the whole set of them are painted black on the back.) *shrug* I think it's kinda cool...

 2nd Season OP GIF!

 2nd Season OP Ranma B5

 2nd Season OP Ranma B7

 2nd Season OP Ranma B9

 2nd Season OP Ranma B10

 2nd Season OP Ranma B17

 Season 3 OP genga B1

 Season 3 OP genga B3

 Season 3 OP genga B4
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