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These works of art are just stunning in person! I can't find enough glowing words to describe them. And each one is huge! Thankfully, now I have the software to stitch several scans together, because most of these took four scans to blend it all together!

I joked with Uende that I would have to set up an account with her and just have her send me each new creation as it became available. Now, I'm not so sure it was a joke! Seeing these in person is so overwhealming. Check out this to pop on over to her site where you can buy some of your own. ^_^
Trust me, the colors are vibrant, and the bishies so darned sexy... ~_^

This latest round of Uende's Uonders are huge! No, make that HUGE!
I had to scan them all several times, and try several merges with each.
What you see here is actually only 50% of the original size.
If you like any of these, you should really just go to her site and buy one for yourself. They are just absolutely perfect, and unbelieveable in person.


 Wendy's Kane

 Wendy's Hide

 Why I love Uende

 The scanned version

 Piercing gaze


 Ryu sketch

 Happy White Puffy Pirate Shirt

 Dyre sketch


 ...and stormy knight

 Go go Gojyo!

 He's a Lego Maniac!

 Ready, Willing, and

 Abel sketch

 Renji glare!

 Bigger Heartthrob Aya

 Heartthrob Aya



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