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WOOT!!! My personal Ichigo harem!!! *_*
Zag, Crackpot, Uende, Stephanie, Takashi, Dustie, HotIce, Rekka, kisara, Kay, Roy, Klet, Zetsuai, Kymaera, Vampyreshoujo, SHAMPOOOO, Shintei/KageNeko, Ami, Morgan, tex-chan, Jen, Crystal, Stuart, Steven, Syan, Sebastian, Foxxian, and Nikki!! You guys! I'm just loving the heck out of all the Ichigos!!!

I'm trying to not wrinkle them too much!
And I'm keeping the sweat and drool off them, wouldn't want him to dissolve!

How many Ichigos can Leah get into her harem? ^_^ Let's find out, shall we?

This is really making my life, by the way. *_* ;_; They're tears of joy!

 Tough guy!

 NanDesuKan Find

 Nurse! One Ichi please!

 Yay! More Ichigo!

 Commissioned Art

 Wet dream


 Mark my Book!


 KillCrushDestroyUrahara in Color!


 Did you get the license..?

 Hard Ichigo

 Ichigo inna tux!

 YAY! In blues!

 Bankai Baby!


 Earrings!!!!!! *_*
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