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BLEACH - 33 - Shirtless Ichigo

Episode 38

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Episode 34 cut 122 ~10:03-05
Shirtless Ichigo (tm)!
And each one is a keeper! *____*
I've been beside myself with joy ever since this set came in.
*burbles happily in the corner with half-naked and helpless Ichigo*

After fighting Renji, Ganju carries Ichigo underground to the tunnels with Hanatarou. Hana spends a night healing Ichigo's serious wounds, and Ichigo finally awakens.
Ichi gets all concerned about everyone and attempts to go save the day some more. Hanatarou protests, telling Ichigo he'll just end up getting killed for sure if he doesn't get some rest and finish healing first.
Of course, Ichigo can't stop, grabs his zanpaku-to, and heads around a corner.
Just in time to have his face meet Ganju's fist! XD
Knocks Ichi flat on his a$$, as we can see here. ^_^
Ganju to knocked out Ichigo: "How can a guy who goes down just from that be fine?"
Hanatarou: *sighs* "Now he's got ~another~ injury."

 douga gif

 I'll just have a lie-down...

 just getting up

 mildly uncomfortable

 Peaceful end

 rough one

 rough 2 Ichi butt!

 rough 3

 rough 4
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