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BLEACH - 01 - Inner Shinigami

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Episode 05 cut 130?
THIS is a "dream cel"!
Well, if it were a cel. ~_^
I'll ever be thankful to Jenn for selling him!

This is the third time Rukia uses the Glove on Ichigo to release his Inner Shinigami. *snicker*
Episode 5, 13:06-07

Oh, if the GIF doesn't work for you, here's a link:
That should work. And if not, then there's another link on the gif page. ^_^;;

Oh, and DIAL-UPers (like myself) beware, this is HUGE and will take a looooong time to load. Really long. Like, click on it and then go get some lunch, possibly dinner too.
And dessert. XD

Oy. I have now learned a better way to scan and resize, so this monstrosity will be redone sometime in the future.
Probably not real soon, but...
eventually. ^_^


 The beginning

 Right through his chest!

 B becomes C

 Time to switch


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