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BLEACH - 14 - Never Defeated

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Episode 09 cut 287
A seemingly simple set, but with a BUNCH of merging to be done.
There went MY weekend. <.<
Please enjoy the fruits of my idiot labor. ^^

This is an awesome set, even more so now that I've pinned down what exactly is going on here.
After fighting the Grand Fisher, Ichigo doesn't want to give up the fight even though he's nearly completely beaten.
Rukia runs to him as he's near collapse and tells him:
Stop it! That's enough. Neither you nor he can fight anymore. The fight is over!
17:57-18:00 (the set here)
Ichigo: Not yet!
He's not dead yet!
I still haven't...
Rukia: Ichigo!
...and Ichigo collapses in a heap upon Rukia from exhaustion.

One of my favorite sets. ^_^

 douga gif

 rhino man

 No spitting!


 pointy anime nose

 ...he swallowed a fly...

 A pox on you!

 Overbite me!

 Last frame

 Evil/Angry moment


 Mum's the word

 More merging!


 Genga gif

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