Aernath's Heartthrobs
BLEACH - 36 - Ripped Abs Ichigo

Episode 54

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Episode 48 cut 166
heh heh heh
My very own AX 2006 treasure. And I didn't even go! ~_^
My cel buds are the BEST!!! Thanks Nida and Joe!

I give you the AbFab Ichigo! ^_^
I got so excited I forgot to merge the Ichigo layer with the background layer for the douga gif.

Pssht. Like anyone cares. ~_^

C'mon, pant and sweat along with me and Ripped Abs Ichigo here!

 douga gif

 genga gif

 shuusei gif

 tan man

 Pose it baby!

 One, one thousand!



 Look up, see Blue! ~_^


 topless head

 catnap in the sun
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