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This is a special section here.
Miss Z sold me the sketch set of Roy alone with his hands in his pockets and the yellow shuusei of him and Riza. And for a fabulous price too!

The sketch of Kimblee was a present from Yoshito by way of Amanda. Yay! Prezzies! And another Frowny Boy to the harem. ~_^

And now, gracing this section with more of his Royish good presence: a set that Crystal split with me for Christmas. ^_^
I got more Roy goodness, and she got Mr. Sparkleyness. XD
And now, thanks to Crystal again, I have MORE Roy-sama-ness! *___*

Two new shots of my favorite character: Roy Mustang! Two years, almost to the day!!! from my last update here. :O

The only thing this section lacks, is a nice sketch of Havoc. And Fallman. *grin*

 Sharp dressed man!

 Man walks into a bar

 Mr FrumpyPants!

 Roy boy!

 Shuu don't say!

 Another Mr Frownypants

 Roy layout

 Roy in yellow

 Crimson Alchemist!

 Move it, Roy!

 Frowny Roy

 Roy - mouth open

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