Aernath's Heartthrobs
BLEACH - 24 - Sink!

Episode 23

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Kay! You fabulous, wonderful lady!!! O_O

Episode 22, dunno the cut number, but it's about 19:56-7

Ganju and Ichigo fighting each other with weapons for the first time. Ganju's just told Ichigo, "Don't think that you can beat me with just a big sword!"
Then Ganju does that voodoo that he doo so well, and changes the ground beneath Ichigo's Zanpakuto into sand, and pushes Ichigo's sword deep into it.
Much to Ichigo's surprise, as seen here.

Baakay has the A1s of these layouts and roughs here and here.

And Irmgaard has the rest of the genga and douga sets here.

Wonderful surprise gift from Baakay. *__*


 Curses, foiled again!

 That sinking feeling

 Hey now!

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