Aernath's Heartthrobs
BLEACH - 35a - storyboard ep 39

Episode 48

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I was hoping for some goodies in this set, and boy am I ever pleased!!!
So many good moments and pictures in here!
I'm bubbling over with fangirl glee. *___*

Negaverse Ichigo's first appearance
Beautiful shots of Zangetsu
Great action shots of Ichigo, Aibo, Kenpachi
Also some humor along the way to keep it from getting too heavy. ^_^

Yup. This episode was pretty darned good juju.

Okay, 126 entries here. The first half of the episode has been screencapped and placed with the appropriate storyboard page.

Why just the first half?
Because even just that much was incredibly flippin' INSANE!!!! O_o

 Front pages




 Old Man Zan

 The Question



 come with me


 Yee Haw!

 bad dream


 3 point landing?

 No worries

 Stand up!


 Hey watchitthere!
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