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BLEACH - 45 - Filler

Episode 123

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Episode 91, cut 178 (14 mins in)

Bought this set with my "credit" earned during that buying period. ~_^

Not feeling particularly chatty tonight, but I did want to share these since I spent the past couple of days scanning and merging. So the comments will be sparse.

This is a rare concession to post episode 63 artwork. Or Filler episodes.

I just really like the flowing coat, the intensity of Ichigo's gaze, and all the flowing motion. ^_^

There's also a B layer of some opponent. Since I haven't SEEN the episode, I don't know his name, nor do I care.
If I merged him where they put him, he would cover up a LOT of my gorgeous Ichigo here, and you know I can't be having THAT! O_O
I may or may not ever get around to scanning him in for show and tell though.

 douga gif

 genga gif

 Leaning in

 Bloody face

 Kung Fu




 Butt blast

 Over here!


 Pepto, please!

 Smooth as sand

 Tip touching...

 Zeroing in

 Ready to strike

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