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BLEACH - 37 - The Rescue!

Episode 58

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Episode 54 cut 226
Ichigo with Rukia tucked safely under his arm. ^_^

Episode 54 cut 231
Rukia sees Renji and happily shouts down at him.

Episode 54 cut 232
Ichigo sees Renji and trash talks with him about not waiting for Renji to get there.

Episode 54 cut 234
Daaaaaang. *______*
My Ichigo Smile.
This is where Ichigo has just saved Rukia, and Renji finally comes on the scene. Ichigo says as much, and Renji retorts with: Yeah, well, I couldn't leave Rukia's rescue just up to you!
Ichigo thinks about this a second, then smiles.
And proceeds to toss her to him. XD
HUZZAH! I got the layout to this (and these other sketches) off Yahoo Japan! Woot! Only took me a year.

Episode 54 cut 236 or so...
Rukia realizes she's about to get tossed to Renji!

Episode 54 cut 250
After he's tossed her, I do believe.
I'll have to check.

The last piece here is, I think, where Ichigo is proceeding to whip the snot out of the Shinigami captains. I don't know the cut number though.

 Shut up!


 Hey, bud!


 douga gif


 Foolish grin


 Layout finally!

 A fling

 Here to rescue...

 Here to rescue...

 Here to rescue...

 My Baby as the Hero

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