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BLEACH - 29 - Used it all

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Ep 27 cut 275

Just after fighting Ikkaku, Ichigo waits around for Ikkaku to become conscious (oh, did I just spoil that as to who wins the match? ~_^ *snicker*).
When Ikkaku comes to, Ichigo yaks at him about needing more of that special ointment Ikkaku keeps in his pommel, because Ichigo used it all up on both of their wounds.

This, of course, pisses off Ikkaku.
Somehow, I suspect, that was a calculated move on Ichigo's part, even though he acts offended when Ikkaku comes unglued. ~_^


 douga gif

 genga gif


 Is this a sword...?

 I got yer sword, right 'ere!

 We always knew...

 Ah, so!

 Rough A3

 Let's seeee...



 Arm Curl I

 Arm Curl II

 Eyes wide shut

 Beady little eyes

 The master of snark

 Let the snark begin

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