Aernath's Heartthrobs
BLEACH - 20 - GAG!

Episode 20

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Episode 11 cut 274
Ichigo needs the soul pill from Kon, so he can change into soul reaper form, and not leave his body lying around as so much organic garbage.

Understandably, neither are really thrilled with this process.

But it does serve to make me laaaaaugh!

Sorry for the crappy scans.
SOMEbody nudged me about getting this set posted. ~_^ heh heh

I can't find my original Photo shop disc, so have to make do with what I've got, which ain't much.

There are quite a few more sheets that go with this, but most are partials, and again, this software I currently have, not only won't animate, but won't merge either. V_V

So, another day, I'll make it all pretty. And animated.

 Ready or NOT!



 Lay off! (layout)

 The pleading is over


 ..when you're only half way in..

 Push it out...!

 Lost Atlantis

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