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Episode 9

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My one set of Kon in Ichigo's body.
I don't really like Kon in the anime. I did, however, move him on over to my resin dolls as a character (since he lives in Ichigo's body!), and tweaked him a bit.
Instead of being the Jar Jar Binks of Bleach, in my world, he's suave, smooth, and just a little... twisted. ~_^

In my mind, Kon isn't just going for the biggest boobs around, he's also responding to being in Ichigo's body. I like to think Ichigo likes Orihime. He just hasn't had the will or the time to think about it. He's too busy Saving The World. ~_^

So, here's a little bit of Kon, bringing out the smooth moves Ichigo didn't know he had. XD

And of course, what makes this totally hilarious, is that Ichigo has an inkling of what's going on. It IS his body, after all. And it drives him totally nuts. LOL! All those years of building a tough guy reputation, and in one smooth move... BAM!
heh heh heh


 It'll be okay...


 Hair here!

 Mouthy guy...

 Let's get ahead!

 All together now!



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