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**Granted Wishes!
1. X cel of predecision Fuuma! (Rheytarian) 2. Ranma Dream cel of Ranma and Juliet! (JWR) 3. FAKE cel of both Dee and Ryo! (Ms. Poe) 4. Ichigo repro! (Crackpot led me to the sale!) 5. Second Ichigo repro! (Pudge!) 6. AnC Toya cel (finally bought from asylum anime)Thanks to everyone for Not buying him! XD 7. Third Ichigo repro!(Pudge) 8. Naked Ranma! (anime link) 9. Ranma in Black!OMG! (Klet) 10. Ranma saving Akane! (JWR) 11. Ichigo getting seperated into Shinigami! *_* (jlbair) 12. Ranma in gym clothes! (JWR) 13. OMG Aya B13END!!! (Brenda, Crystal, JWR, purple-plum, Shellie, Sarah, Weyrlady, yoshito, Joost, and most importantly Klet)I just about died of happiness. O_o 14. Tamahome in wedding tux! (butterflym) 15. Tasuki (Baylor) 16. The Ultimate AnC Toya cel (Zombiebunnie) 17. Akane in Ranma's jacket (YJ!) Will Give Kidney
A portrait of Shuri with hair would be nice. Very High
BLEACH - singles/small sets
Ichigo, Ichigo, Ichigo. Beware if he's looking particularly handsome - I will step all over toes to get him! ~_^ If you spot this one for sale, pleaaaase let me know! Very High
One can never have too much Dee and Ryo! Very High
Full Metal Alchemist
I have the hots for the Flame Alchemist, Roy Mustang. ^___^ Hoping to find a nice Havoc sketch... High
Golden Boy
I know where this one is, I just don't have the money for him yet. Beautiful bishie shot. Very High
I love this! Very High
Ranma 1/2
If you ever see this one, give me a holler! Will Give Kidney
Oh my, Take me Now!!! Will Give Kidney
Oh yeah. Ranma proving how succeptible Akane is to being kissed! Will Give Kidney
Oh, what I wouldn't give for this one! I'll take any of him in this jacket, but only Ranma-kun. That jacket does things for me that you don't want me to describe! XD Will Give Kidney
A pan shot of Ranma standing on top of the roof, coming up with a way to get Uchan to leave him alone. Very High
Aaawwww! While we're making wishes here. Not bloody likely I'll ever find this one! Very High
Akane dared Ranma to kiss her if he had the guts to do so. Here he's just told her she should really do this with someone she really likes. After a short misunderstanding, they've just realized neither one really minds if they DO kiss... Very High
Akane's dreaming of P-chan! Very High
Another one I seriously doubt I'll ever find for sale. Very High
Darned near the sweetest image of Ranma and Akane together. Very High
D'AWWW! Psst, Ranma, the bandaid fell off long ago! Very High
Do I need to say why I would like this one? Very High
He's my Clark Kent! ^_^ Ranma in glasses! Very High
In old style hubba blue! Very High
Lover's quarrel! XD Akane telling Ranma to go away with his mom, and Ranma getting upset because he thinks Akane is telling him to just go away. Very High
Pan cel, I'm sure. And no chance in heck I'll ever find it up for sale, but I figured why not put it up here? Very High
Ranma "saving" Akane from a flying squirrel Happosai - or half naked Ranma! Very High
Ranma as "Kotaro" in season six, episode 17: "Legend of the Lucky Panda!" Any good pose, with or without Akane... Very High
This is just too adoreable for words. Very High
This is one that not even in my dreams would I dare hope to find it! Very High
Akane and Ranma just after the whiskers fall off Akane, and just before Ranma tells her she's cute. *_* High
Akane hiding behind Ranma for protection. :) High
Akane still dreaming of P-chan! High
Akane's just gotten her memory of Ranma back, and Shampoo's all over Ranma. I just love the reverse caveman carry. XD High
Darn the budgets! This one slipped away when I didn't have the money for him. High
I would love this one! Joe, it's your evil influence! I'm looking for Ranma AND Akane now...! High
Part two of Ranma's reaction when confronted with evidence that he likes Akane. High
Ranma after Akane calls him too much of a wimp to try anything with her. High
Ranma in a rare humble moment! High
Ranma realizes who he just said "I love you" to. Bwahahahaha!!! High
Ranma realizing it's time to turn out the lights. (in Akane's room) High
Ranma thinking about Akane in the hospital. High
Ranma too nervous to sleep in Akane's room. High
Really wish I could have gone full bore for this one on YJ. *sigh* Whoever won this, if you get tired of it, I'll gladly take care of it for you! High
Season 3 opener, Ranma in blue just after he's been running, he stops, looks up and smiles! High
Akane and Ranma sitting in a tree. :) Medium
Just before Akane cries to Ranma that P-chan was stolen. Medium
Last bit of season one, Akane's gut reaction to Ranma and Shampoo getting close, even though Akane's lost her memory of Ranma. Medium
Wow, a really nice Ryoga! Medium
Ranma 1/2 OP and ED

Red Poppy Ending song. High
Red Poppy ending song. High
Rurouni Kenshin
Hubba hubba Hiko! Very High

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